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Ha, you're a lucky one, then. A friend of mine was sweating bullets once because the night guard got suspicious and called the cops. The infiltration team (3 people) got caught red-handed at gunpoint. They explained that they were hired by the company to break in as part of a security test, produced their "get out of jail free" cards, which didn't convince the cops. They proceeded to call their business point of contact... Who didn't answer his phone to verify their story. It took a lot of frantic explanation and random phone calls to get that one resolved without a night in jail.

In their debrief, they commended the guard for doing his job, and then ripped the client apart for hanging the testers out to dry like that.

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Tests at random businesses aren't usually that dangerous. But airports, pipeline facilities, powerplants, and other secure facilities can be very risky and require lots of coordination with the client.

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The danger you know versus the danger you don't.

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Have you looked at auto lending as a potential indicator for recession? Auto loan terms seem to be getting longer, interest rates are climbing, sub-prime lending is on the rise again, and average transaction prices are higher than ever. While not as catastrophic as a mortgage crisis, I wonder what these red flags mean for the economy as one's car is often their second largest expense behind housing, especially in parts of the US that have underdeveloped public transportation.

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ProPublica is a great source of investigative journalism. Their articles are usually quite in-depth. And they're a non-profit!