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JadeKurai689 karma

Leonard Nimoy was one of my favorite human beings on the planet. Right there with Robin Williams. I remember when your dad first mentioned his condition on Twitter, I was following him. And his last tweet so near to his passing is/was amazing. Dumb question, but how are you dealing with him not being around? Are you at peace with his passing? And thank you for doing this Adam (The Doc that is, I've been sharing it on Facebook, but only have like 42 friends, lol). LLAP

JadeKurai687 karma

As I did not know much about his personal life, to me it is an amazing thing to find not only that he has a son like you, but as a filmmaker myself, to find out that he has a filmmaker son that can do such a documentary... To me, this is only the beginning of his legacy, I hope that you are always actively involved with things that have to do with him, as well as your own independent creations. I wish you all the healing that this kind of project can bring to you, and know that your father would be proud, which is obvious via his personality, and also that you are helping all of us fans with a huge loss as well... Spock, and Leonard Nimoy will be in our minds forever, where they belong. God Bless, God's Speed, Namaste