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Yeah, I find it hard to take much consolation in the "majority of people being able to find policies for under $70/mo" when I can't find a policy for under $1000/mo. Affordable, my eye. That's $12k/yr for "coverage" that doesn't kick in until I've spent another $7k in deductibles!

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For what it's worth, OP had a hysterectomy, so he'd also need a surrogate in order to have biological children.

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skor mcflurry with fudge

I would consider moving to Canada for this. Why can't we have nice things in the US?

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Yeah, 5 deaths over 20 years is pretty safe. You can get that in a bad season at a ski resort, easy. Apples and oranges, but nobody is calling Vail a death trap, either.

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My wife and I have been through this issue. Some thoughts:

  1. Is your wife on-board with the notion that sexual intimacy is important to your relationship?
  2. Has your wife spoken to her doctor about her libido drop? Sometimes an alternative medication can be prescribed or something else can be done to increase libido.
  3. You may need to expand your definition of "sex" to include other intimate contact other than traditional PIV sex. Is there some amount of intimate contact that she desires or is at least comfortable with? I mean, if she really wants as little as possible, this could be something as innocuous as she cuddles with you and gives you tender kisses while you get yourself off.
  4. Is she on this medication permanently or is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Good luck!