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After watching the Double Fine documentary I know more about the inner workings of the company of DoubleFine, and of all the people there, than any project I've ever Kickstarted.

Seriously just watch this if you feel like they aren't being transparent enough, it's a great documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVwg-9WL3dE&index=2&list=PLIhLvue17Sd7F6pU2ByRRb0igiI-WKk3D

Plenty of awkward conversations about money and resources in there. Transparency is one thing where DoubleFine is a the top of the list. Most Kickstarters do occasional Kickstarter updates that read like press releases. Doublefine showed me the actual conversations (and the arguments!) of everyone working on the project in real time.

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We were not publishing with a goal to get any specific candidate elected. We were publishing with the one goal of making the elections as transparent as possible. We published what we received.

Why did you time the releases for maximum damage, dripping them one one a day for weeks right up until election day? Do you not consider the fact that if everything you receive is attacking one candidate, you are acting as the hand of someone who is trying to get a specific candidate elected?

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The people in the article really remind me of being a kid and having secret tree forts in the woods, building traps against non-existent invaders and planning operations.

Beyond political and cultural elements it seems like a lot of the people in the article really like having a mission and a team, being part of an organized structure, planning and preparing. It does sound kind of fun if you disconnect it from what's actually going on. I don't know if I have question exactly, but along these lines, did you get a sense this was a part of it all?

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Just thought I'd point out that you don't have to answer everything in one go.

This post will very likely be on the front page until at least midday tomorrow if not longer. It may have started out slowly but it is still climbing the front page even 7 hour later.

You sound tired - come back in the morning after coffee!

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What's the story behind the name 'TheCalcutec' ?