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Where did you operate out of? Were your fire fights mostly against regular NVA or VC? My dad was in the central highlands in '69/'70, thanks for your service.

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Northern Ireland is technically part of the U.K. You're talking about the Republic of Ireland invading. The British Army may get their nose a bit out of joint.

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I've often heard that caregivers have to learn to occasionally distance themselves from the pain and suffering of their patients in order to perform their duties. This must be infinitely harder for you. Are you in a unique position to advise colleagues on techniques they can use?

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You should definitely check out two books "Achilles in Vietnam" and "Odysseus in America" by Dr. Jonathan Shays. It's a look at soldiers in Vietnam and how the effects were different from other wars--much of which was thanks to more modern technology and the way the military operated logistically. Things we don't think about like the above point you made. Really fascinating stuff.

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How would you compare the typhoon with the other disasters you mentioned? Was it more or less devastating? Just different?