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Seriously the only question I care to see answered and there's no way in hell these people will.

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Never heard of it. Why?

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You mean to tell me, that at a place were everyone is wasted and on, probably, more than one drug has sexual deviants????!!!! You don't say.

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Might want to get rid of your cell number in the post. This is the internet after all.

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As a alcoholic I totally agree with you. Theres been some crazy shit I've done just to get another beer in my PAST thankfully.

Fortunately moved passed that point and have my set drinks at home. I no longer shake in the mornings, no seizures, and other bad stuff that I'll spare you the details of (it's not pretty). It takes a strong will and good people in your life to be able to maintain this. It's extremely hard for someone like me to become a "casual" drinker without flying off the handles by the end of the night because you see there's still 3/4 of a fifth still left on the counter with multiple beers in the fridge.

I'm not condoning this way of life. I'm just anecdotally saying what has worked for me for a number of years now. Not to say I don't get drunk anymore either. Weddings or maybe my birthday, but that's about it. No more every weekend/week benders.

Not exactly sure of my point here. Just thought I'd share my experience with alcohol vs the very easy drop of MJ.