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Hey this means so much to me. And of course you were a huge, huge influence. I was watching your show before I knew the first thing about cooking!

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Thanks so much! DM me and I’ll send you a personalized bookplate you can stick in your copy if you want it signed!

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Let me answer your statement with a series of questions.

Who do you think you are? What gives you the right?

(P.S. I'm pretty sure this is the sandwich in question)

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I have no plan. Those videos I literally strap a gopro to my head, walk into the kitchen, and make something because I'm hungry.

These are the videos in question

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hahaha good one. Pretty easy: just use more gelatin. I would use jell-o at the concentration recommended on the packet, but for each packet of jell-o, also add 2-3 packets of unflavored gelatin. It should set up nice and firm.As for getting them to stick together, I'd say make one, let it set, make the second and let it set, then very quickly run a blowtorch over the surface to melt it, and stick the halves together (arranging so that gravity holds them together until they firm up again)