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I have no question. I just like to say that your idea has a place in internet history and that's cool.

I liked reading them and just like life it made mad, sad, and laugh.

I enjoyed the creativity of the people who sent stuff in.

Thanks for making that all possible.

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Why didn't you mention universities?

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It is a big news thing as of late. I would expect that to be mentioned.

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What kind of fights have you done in Russia?

Specifically a case that is going on in Russia's Supreme Court. Or is this something that would not be fought for?

I ask because without said group, the United States (which you deem Free) wouldn't be so free due to their consistent fight for the first amendment for ALL citizens, not just their religious right.

If you're unaware all you have to do is put Russian Supreme court into Google and the case is the first one that pops up. That's how popular it is. I'm amazed by how many freedom groups are sitting on their hands considering they owe so much of their legal precedents to the very people that are being called extremist.

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I love my Chromebook. It works very well for what I need it for which is just the internet.