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Are you part of the group that is still seeking restitution from the Japanese Government? Do you ever expect to get it?

I don't have a great question, but thanks for doing this.

My grandmother and her family also suffered in these same camps, as her father served in the Dutch navy, in Indonesia (his boat sank at sea). She lost some sisters and her mother, but she survived and moved to Canada to start a new life. She doesn't ever expect the Japanese government to ever apologize or acknowledge these camps.

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Do people really have sex in the bathrooms? It seems physically impossible, given how small those stalls are.

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That doesn't mean it's bad to keep trying.

My grandmother really doesn't care about the money, at this point. They want acknowledgement, and they'd like for Japan to actually teach their students the true history of the war (never going to happen).

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Hi, I will send that to you in a private message

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Thanks for answering...

A few more questions

  1. What is your least favourite type of passenger?

  2. When we had cabin crew stay at the hotel I worked at, they tended to party a lot and, apparently, have a lot of sex. Does your crew do the same thing?

  3. Which of the food(s) should we avoid eating?