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Welcome to Reddit, Mr. King.

Your fiction has done more for me than I can express. At 13 I was crippled by a neuromuscular syndrome, left bedridden and in constant pain that would last for the rest of my life. I often wanted to die up there in my bunk. Often the only company I had came from books or audiobooks, and yours, including Nightmares & Dreadmscapes, The Regulators, and Needful Things, made up many of my favorites. There were many nights when I couldn't fall asleep for the pain, and on hundreds of those nights I only found the will to live to dawn because I wanted to know what happened next to your characters. I'm 31 now and that's in part thanks to you. So thank you.

So, a question: what is the relationship between The Regulators and Desperation? Was it just throwing off the covers of Bachman by naming everyone the same? Or is there more thematic connective tissue?

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That's fascinating! I'll have to re-read them with that in mind. I always drew that vibe from Tak, David and Marinville.

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Are you going to answer any of the top-voted questions that matter? Or pick off low-hanging fruit like this?

If the latter, how do you think that will help your chances with the voters reading this thread?