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Owww... so many questions about "Why isn't Edge Chrome?"

Serious questions for you Edge folks. - What is the biggest obstacle to developing and improving a browser? - How do you deal with different data collection standards and regulations internationally? - What do you do to guarantee (as much as you are able) net security? - What can we as internet consumers do to improve net security?

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Your organization could have backed any number of climate change initiatives. Why the GND? I'm going to assume you are not unfamiliar with the problems GND has and why the legislation was a joke.

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Don't insult retail. They work very hard.

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children are the least capable of forming a balanced opinion

Because they are physically incapable of doing so. The frontal cortex does not develop in earnest until teenage years and does not fully develop until early 20s. When he says children aren't capable of making balanced opinions, he wasn't looking down on them. He was stating a psychological and neurological fact.

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Damn, can I just say that I love that you have carrots in your sauces?

How did you decide on the more uncommon ingredients like carrots?