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Don't you give that lochness monster no tree fiddy - Casey

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Orion costs each American tax payer $3 per year... About the price of one Starbucks latte. The real question is how much is the universe worth to you? -Heather

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Oh that is a great question. The movie Apollo 13 is so accurate we use it to train our new Flight Controllers. The Martian is also a pretty good movie since the author worked with people at NASA to get the technical stuff accurate. Now the movie Gravity represents our worst nightmare but it is not that accurate. And don't even get me started on Armageddon :) Dr. Bob Galileo Flight

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Nice name AchieveOrbit! Well there are all kinds of experiences that we look for to work in Mission Control. Generally math and sciences work best, usually aerospace, but it is not a hard and fast rule. We had had English majors work here. We mainly look for smart people who are willing to work hard and are very curious. We then train people what they need to know. Dr. Bob

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Not enough! That is a great program to play around with and introduce challenging concepts. Dr. Bob Galileo Flight