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Thanks for doing this AMAA! My question is how many officers have you worked with who often displayed inappropriate conduct, such as racist attitudes or overly violent? Have you known more "good cops" than "bad cops". The stereotype is really popular, but literally every cop I have ever met was polite and genuinely wanted to protect people.

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I thought I was crazy for so long, too. But you're not crazy. You even have a diagnosis! That's proof you're not crazy. I've been there, and it gets better, I promise you. Best of luck!

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Hi, I remember your story being in the newspaper (I live in a nearby town) and lots of people were talking about it in support of you. I just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful example of what faith is about, loving each other, and for being such an amazing father!

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I had many teachers like that. I had a health teacher who tried to fail me the day before the end of the semester for not participating in gym for 3 and a half years. I had legal documentation stating he could not do that, so I took it to the vice principal, who opened a can on that teacher, and forced him to correct my grade. After that, he spent a whole class talking about how "many teenagers who are unpopular and have no friends, fake disabilities for attention, and are depressed, etc" Many teachers gave me rough times because doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me, so I didn't have a definitive diagnoses other than narcolepsy. I had teachers say I was faking, say It wasn't that bad, or out right ignore me. Lot of eye rolls in my direction. I had doctors like that as well. At least 8 said everything would be better if I exercised. Turns out, exercising causes severe permanent damage to my body. I had two say I was just depressed. Out of every doctor I saw, I found 3 that have really tried to help me, and they have in many ways. My mom didn't believe me for years, it caused a lot of strain, but she has since apologized and we are better than ever. It was hard to keep up for me as well. My class rank dropped from like #3 to #27! In my senior year I was able to raise it to the top 15, and I was very proud. My problem wasn't necessarily keeping up, but absences. I missed over 60 days of school my sophomore year. Through the rest of high school, I had half days (did wonders!). And I lost pretty much every friend I ever had. We either grew apart or they ended up hating me. I was very isolated. I had one friend who was close, but she moved. I had a friend for many years, but in my senior year, we had a lot of the same art classes, so we became pretty good friends. He was one of the only ones to ever care when I would miss weeks at a time. The only other one was my wonderful boyfriend (2 and a half years together) who was always understanding. But in tenth grade I never once got a text or when id come back after weeks, no one said anything. Combined with teachers, doctors, and family not believing me, I can hardly believe I kept fighting for a diagnoses, because I literally had no one. My boyfriend was the first one who ever believed me and empathized with me. When I started dating him, everything in my life really started to look up. I made a few friends and my family now believes and supports me 100%. I have been diagnosed by a geneticist with EDS, and I'm going a few states over to meet with him on a few weeks, and I am so excited. I am sorry that you have lost friends and dealt with people dismissing your problems. I know how it feels to feel isolated from the world in that way. I've been there, and I have come through it, and am doing fairly well (not physically, but emotionally) so if you ever want to talk to someone who has gone through what you are going though, PM me anytime. I know what you're feeling, and I commend you on your strength in making it this far. Things will look up. =)

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That's the same deal with my disability. In high school, my doctors had to personally call every gym teacher multiple times a year, because they refused to believe my doctors notes, that I couldn't participate in any physical activity. Glad to know I'm not alone in this boat!