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No luck catching them swans then?

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What a scam! Ha ha ha. I've worked in education for 22 years. Anyone who signs up for this is a schmuck.

First of all the website is filled with misinformation. $200 debt from a traditional college? The current average debt load for students graduating from a traditional, not for profit or state funded university is $30K.

These guys are just slick fast talkers who set up a "non-profit" to give themselves $300K salaries and spend 10 cents for every dollar they fund raise.

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Actually, I who posted it am American! But a fan of Hot Fuzz too.

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Without giving too much away, is there a puzzle you've created that you're especially proud of or that you feel is unique (other companies do not do)?

I did one room where you had these wires (crashed space ship) but you come to find out they each have a tiny live feed camera. You had to snake them down to certain holes to get the puzzle solution. Have only seen that in one room so far.