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Build up a portfolio and get it critiqued by people that are above you skill wise- Listen and follow their direction, but get multiple critiques. If three people tell you the same thing example:"you cant draw hands well" focus on that and get better at it. A huge mistake from newbies is to overestimate their skill level - be humble and listen to those portfolio critiques. Then network and get out and be seen at shows and cons. Freelancing is hard, and may not pay very well. I do this on the side, and I have a full time job that pays the bills. I know two people that freelance artwork full time and seem financially well to do, alot of the people I know that are in it without a "regular" job tend to struggle a bit, so prepare for that eventuality if you go that way.

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I think the illustration I did of the mutating dog from "The Thing" was my fave for now. Here is a link to it http://www.jasonlenox.com/2014/02/the-thing-1982-dog-thing-pinup-final-inks/


1 I hate when people draw characters from films and they just copy a photo from the film, this is an original take on the topic.

2 I went 100% on level of detail

3 Fun perspective over Kurt Russell's Beard

4 Love the dog mutating.

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Working on something in the next few days, Ill link it up when it's done!

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Slaine from 2000AD or Judge Dredd. Id love to do a cover or pinup for them.

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Guilty as charged!