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JLMOudbier50 karma

Heads up, I'm a person who has been raped. My attackers did not get punished.

What is something about being a registered sex offender that isn't covered very often? Other than the fact that it's hard to get off the list unless you're upper-middle class or richer, are there other social demographics that make it hard for you to exonerate yourself?

JLMOudbier26 karma

I'm sorry you were molested too. Being registered as a SO must be even harder after having someone hurt you like that. As for when to disclose something like that, honesty is the best policy, but damn does it suck hardcore.

Overall, your position has really made me ask some hard questions about my stance on a lot of things. After I was raped the 3rd time, I became more interested in feminist issues, rape culture in particular.