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But while insecticide use has gone down, herbicide use on GMO corn is rising, the report states. Herbicide use on GMO corn increased from around 1.5 pounds per planted acre in 2001 to more than 2.0 pounds per planted acre in 2010. Herbicide use on non-GMO corn has remained relatively level during that same time frame, the ERS said.

Measuring herbicide use in pounds is like claiming nickels are worth more than dimes because they are larger.

The herbicides in use today are safer and less toxic than those used pre adoption of HT crops


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I'm donating to the guy running against you because of your anti science views.


He takes paypal and contributions under $250 remain unreported (max donation is $1,000)

I've thrown $240 his way....

EDIT - shit he reports over $100. Welp I guess I will be getting doxxed soon by /r/conspiracy

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I think it’s important to be clear that there’s no scientific consensus because there have been studies that go both ways.

That kind of reasoning seems familiar. Hmnnn

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Great job on bringing a item that will help lower costs and encourage healthy eating by children nationwide.

In Minnesota a few public schools have become 'anti-gmo'. This is a bit ironic as the state does spend a significant amount working with apples at the University of Minnesota.


Will you please consider sending these school districts cases upon cases of your apples once you have the supply chain up and running to make them consider using your variety in the future?