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JFVarlet1 karma

"corporations pay them to say it,"

Most climate action would significantly hurt major corporations, if they have any investment in fossil fuels, deforestation, aviation, etc. Why would they pay climate scientists to advocate this?

JFVarlet1 karma

Thank you. From what I've seen this seems to actually be a pretty common view among climate scientists, or at least those active and prominent on social media.

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Hi Prof. Hawkins,

What would be your best guess of where you think we'll be in terms of temperature by 2100? Not in terms of current projections or what you'd like to see, but how you think action and progress will play out?

Personally my guess is that action is gradually ratcheted up so we do noticeably better than current projections, but not enough to stay below 2C, so ending up probably somewhere maybe 2.6/2.7C, but I'd love to hear what you think?