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Will you remember the rest of us when you survive the Corona virus and we dont?

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Well whadya know an economics guy is pleased with an economics based solution that hes getting paid out of. Whats his cut?

Nobel prizes are handed out for quality work, not how its used. I could design an explosive with 1000% more efficiency than TNT and win a Nobel prize. Doesn't mean its a good thing when this explosive is used to kill humans.

Just say it man. Greed is good.

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Question about the bunker oil or IFO. I always thought it was heated and then just burned with particulates and all. If you're filtering/centrifuging it what are you doing with the unburned leftovers? Where do they go and how are they disposed of?

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A lot of bowling alleys seem to opperate at like 25% capacity and bowling has been in decline for awhile... yet it remains cheap. How do you guys keep the lights on? Is there some other revenue stream we dont know about? (aforementioned head in the locker room?)