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As someone who lives in one of those other developed countries with free online self-filing, it has never taken me more than an hour to file my annual tax forms and it’s very much an easy and casual thing for most people.

Given how easy it is for most people from other developed countries, how is the amount of time the US collectively wastes justified to the general population?

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True. We currently have (and have had for some time) one Labor and one Liberal senator.

However, the current Liberal senator is Zed Seselja, who is this perhaps not the best match for the policy positions of Canberrans who would normally vote Liberal. I’d say there’s likely to be far more of a stoush for the second seat than normal. It’s not likely to go to the Greens but I wouldn’t say it’s out of the realm of possibility either.

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Does reading factually incorrect “news” have an impact on people’s perceptions, even if they already knew it wasn’t true when read/listening/watching it?

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Given that the last line of the post says he’ll do so “in the morning” (presumably in an American time zone), it’ll be a few hours yet.

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Thanks for mentioning Hellotalk. The last time I was thinking about getting practice partners, all I could find was paid websites. This is going to be super useful, particularly since my target language is not on Duolingo, not in Mango languages or have any affordable textbooks available locally (and are pretty expensive in country; they know they have a captive market).