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Before anyone asks... THIS is the best deal on the Internet.

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I don't understand Black Friday. In my experience, all the best deals are online anyway. We've been researching deals the last two weeks and haven't found anything in the tech world that's cheaper in-store than it is online, really. Not the good stuff. Just bad stuff.

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We've never written about either and we're not going to make a recommendation, as Brian Lam says, "just to sound smart." Plenty of gaming sites making those choices, you should check them out.

As for deals on either - good luck with that. Lots of deals on the games. Amazon has games on both consoles marked down to $49. The consoles themselves the best you can hope for is a good bundle or two. Kotaku Moneysaver is a good place to go for gaming deals, I think.

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We were supposed to but someone forgot the game.

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Sorry, but... you know... enjoy!

At least if you're going to make an impulse buy, make one based on hours of research by the best in the business.