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JBSConCarne538 karma

Former Honor Guard member on an Air Force base here.

When waiting to start the ceremony does your team engage in light hearted or even inappropriate talk? I know we did l lol

JBSConCarne10 karma

What are your opinions on "chocolate" and black diamonds? Are they legit or just dirty stones rebranded?

JBSConCarne3 karma

Who is your favorite Muumi? Is it Muumipeikko? Snufkin?

JBSConCarne2 karma

Is there any real difference in prescription grade toothpaste compared to over the counter? Dentist just prescribed some for me.

JBSConCarne2 karma

Just bought one of these for my wife but now I'm wondering if I bought a legit one or a knock off, how do I identify a real one?

If it wasn't legit.... my bad lol.