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I live in Canada, so maybe there is a difference, but if you check yourself into a mental health unit and are not deemed a danger to yourself or others (ei not at risk of committing suicide, not at risk of harming others) you can choose to have outpatient status.
I spent a month as an inpatient and got balanced with medications and treatments, signed my "rights" over to my mom (so she became my legal guardian despite me being an adult) and I was able to leave and return as I needed to.
I spent two months with my mom as my guardian and made the changes I needed to make, paired with taking medication and attending regular treatment (psychologist check ups, regular psychotherapy appointments, and a councillor on walk-in when I hit a rough patch).

What I'm getting at is that I appreciate the mental health services in the mental health units.
I have a friend who was there at the same time as me, and he was not able to have the same freedom. He was freshly released from a long prison term and was not coping well. Despite that he did not have his freedom or control over his life, I have spoken with him since his release and he has been adamant that the help he was "forced" to receive there has changed his life - and has since been on the right track in life, and is comfortable knowing he can access the resources if his stability takes a turn for the worse.

I'm concerned, or maybe just confused/I'm not understanding, your goals with your talks.
Are you encouraging other young adults to not utilize mental health services? Or is your goal to see a reform of how mental health services approach treatment?
What would be your alternative suggestions?
Do you think you could not need mental health services if your illness/disorders (whatever they are) were more extreme?

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As someone who has been in both, no, it is fucking not. Jail you get your ass beat and allowed minimal freedom. Psych wards have entertainment, people to speak with, and you can have a cell phone depending on your situation. I could also see my family every day that they were able to visit.
Apples to oranges.

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Okay let's talk about those fries. That is frozen bullshit those aren't fresh. You need to make your own fries. Use russet potatos. Half ass peel them, leave a bit of skin on. Cut a little thicker than those shitty frozen fries. Soak in sugarwater for 1-24 hours. Drain. Pre cook in boiling water OR fry them. Fry them again before serving.

Now let's talk about that fucking grilled cheese. How is THAT the item you're pushing on yelp? I can make that in my office on a hotplate or sandwich press. Step up your grill cheese game. Rye bread, swiss, ham, avacado or tomato. If using white bread and cheddar use a real loaf, not presliced wonderbread, and use real cheese.

Now the chicken might be good but you need a photo with one cut open. Can't count how many times you see great looking chicken only to buy it and the "hand made" breading is paper thin, how does that even happen? That breading better be measurable thick, peppery, and crunchy.

Good luck man but honestly I wouldn't pay for what you're serving... That isn't really take out food, it's like your newly single dad's cooking who hasn't made even a bowl of cereal since college but thinks he is a master chef. Maybe my food standards are really high but what you posted on Yelp I wouldn't have any pride in serving that to anyone.

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Yup, drug problems leading up to a mental breakdown and suicide attempt. We had an N64 and I had my room mate donate our gamecube and games while I was there. They also had a laptop hooked up to a TV and we could watch netflix and Hulu.
Someone else included the freedom to shower whenever you want, which for me was the best thing. Bored, uncomfortable, high strung? Yeah I'mma go take a long ass shower and then come out and play some double dash.

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From my personal experience, not sleeping and eating heavily contributed to my mental well being, so from my perspective that could actually make a lot of sense. Not saying I think skipping a few meal means you need a psychiatric evaluation, but if you regularly aren't sleeping or eating and feeling your mental stability/health start to decline you may want to explore options to receive help anyways.