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Wait... So, is this not a very rare thing? Because it seems like a bunch of people (including me) are realizing that this is a thing that they have.

Like, i've always known I couldn't picture things in my head but I didn't know it was an actual condition.

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Ah, that makes sense why so many people are coming in here like "whaa?"

I had never even heard of this until now. Thanks for sharing this! It's nice to have a name/description for it.

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As someone else who is just figuring out this condition has a name, I can say that when drawing something you still know what things are supposed to look like. I can't picture a flower in my head, but I know what a flower looks like. So, I (not personally because I am completely inept at drawing) would be able to start drawing a flower just based on the fact that I know it has a stem, leaves, pedels, and the circle bit with the pollen whose name escapes me atm.

Like I know the components that make up a flower but I can't see one when I think about it.

Idk if that helps lol

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This is crazy, I have always had a hard time trying to explain this to people and now I have a word for it!

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Cause I know a stem is essentially just a thick line? So I can draw a thick line and go from there.

Do you have to visualize a letter before you write it? Like, do you think of writing "A" and picture an A then write an A when writing words? Probably not, you just know what an A looks like and you write the letter.

I know what a flower looks like so I can just draw a flower without needing a reference. Now mind you, it won't be a pretty flower because I'm terrible at drawing but I can draw a basic flower.