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I recommend Credit Karma. Once a year really isn't very often.

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Is there a process a streamer can go through if they believe that their videos have been unfairly flagged and muted?

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For those folks that aren't super familiar with why this matters - CDNs help bridge the gap between content on the internet, which is served from somebody's web server, and your computer. Typically that looks like caching and serving static assets (think JavaScript files, images, large text, videos, etc.) on machines that are very physically close to your computer (remember, they can only arrive to you as quickly as light can travel down a wire). 3rd party players like Akamai and Cloudflare run huge networks for you so that as a content host you don't need to try to manage a large global network of machines in order to deliver content quickly to users.

There's a bunch of reasons why it's getting less and less viable for a web host to skip using a CDN, but one of the huge ones you may not be aware of is that most organic traffic to websites arrive from search engines. Google is making a big change to their ranking algorithms to factor in what they call "Core Web Vitals", basically just some quantifiable metrics about how fast your page is perceived to be by users. Anyone who is not using a CDN might really struggle to deliver their page's assets in a timely manner, which can negatively impact their search ranking and in extreme cases basically wipe themselves off the face of the internet.

I'm speaking in worst-case scenario terms here, but players like Akamai know how critical they are to the success of websites on the internet and will espouse these performance benefits (among other things) when selling to customers.

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I feel like this reply implies that it's even possible to brute force crack HTTPS traffic, but as far as I know that's outside the computational abilities anyone in the world has (or may ever have, baring advances in quantum computing), right?

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Sure thing yeah, brute force meaning outside of protocol vulnerabilities which I'm assuming is the only real way to compromise https traffic, e.g. heartbleed.