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The megabus between Atlanta and Athens is pretty sweet. Tables, wifi, bathroom, etc.

I've heard they're not all like that, though.

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Thank you for doing an AMA. I understand there have been many legal battles concerning same sex marriage. In your opinion, what was the special aspect of your case that enabled it to make it all the way to the supreme court?

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Would you be able to get a better "gravitational telescope" by using, say, a gigantic tetrahedron-shaped array of lasers? Does your team have a notion of a best possible array?

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In the US, my grandfather also escaped the draft for honorable reasons, but there were social repercussions. He was disrespected, spit on, etc.

Did you come across similar treatment? What about during the time you were working on ships after coming back?

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Are you talking about donotcall.gov? I always report calls to them, and wondered if that was helping me at all...