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Most of the prizes are actually purchased by the show. Here is an article that I think goes into it.

You can tell when something is presented via a sponsor, and when somethings is purchased. If they take a few seconds to tell the BTUs, material finish, and cooking area on a grill, that company sponsored the grill. If it's just a new grill, the price is right bought it.

tl/dr: Before the Price is Right, not that many prizes were given away, so it was all sponsored. Today, the shows buy most of the prizes.

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What is coc?

Thanks for this ama, btw, I went from thinking you might be a fake to thinking, this took a lot of your time.

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My wife was on birth control for as long as you have been alive, just about, and we were pregnant at the next opportunity.

I know this is an anecdote and not scientific data, but there may come a time in your life when you and your significant other are unsure if she took her pill. Be careful. The pill is a pretty good goalie, but when you take the goalie out, there's no goalie.

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Band Saw is where we saw many thumbs get taken in shop, table saw saw many pinkies,

I checked and in 2015 loss of fingers from table saws as compared to band saws was 124:2, and one of those 2 was a partial.


A table saw is a lot more dangerous than a band saw. They don't belong in the same sentence.

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It's not the stuff you bought that makes you creepy, it's more the girl bound up in the trunk of your car.