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As an environmental consultant and a GOP candidate, how do you reconcile your personal views on climate change with that of the GOP platform? Specifically that the platform rejects the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement while stating that coal is "clean" energy and that climate change is "far from a pressing issue"? Also, what do you think should become of the EPA? What "climate action" do you support?

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Pew takes the total number of immigrants and subtracts the number of those who are documented. Census data includes the total number of immigrants both legal and illegal, but they don't ask for legal status. Afterwards, Pew adjusts the number according to polling bias (non-respondents etc.).

The margin of error for a single study like Pew's is high, but when you aggregate multiple studies you get a fairly accurate count. At least accurate enough to make policy decisions.

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According to audio recordings from inside the compound and testimony of surviving Branch Davidians, they set the fires themselves. They also killed 20 of their own by gunshot during the final assault.

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Illegal immigrants pay the same effective tax rate as the quintile they would be in if documented.