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Peeing down the hawsepipe is where it's at!

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Used to wear gray shirt/red trunks then they switched to blue (like royal blue) shirts/black trunks

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Im a Great Lakes Maritime cadet currently on an Alaska Marine Highway ship for a sea project. What do I need to do to get hired in the GoM when I have my third mates license (besides a DP)? What companies are the best to work for?

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Awesome as a cadet! Crews are great to work with and really help you learn. I was on the con my first day whereas some of my buddies with other companies didn't even get to touch the controls. Probably one of the best companies to cadet for, based on comparing experiences with my classmates. I have most of my SE AK pilotage trips of I ever want to write for up here. If you can the Malaspina does the Bellingham run right now which is pretty sweet or the Taku hits a lot of ports and offers more pilotage trips. PM of you want more information