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So... Wisconsin?

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Hello there - u/HeroForgeMinis team -

Thanks for making an excellent and exciting product! A couple of questions:

  1. Have you ever considered a feature where you can upload a photo of a face / take a photo of yourself and it will customize the mini's head based on that?
  2. What is your favorite tabletop RPG and campaign you've ever played in?

PS: Per the people that complain about the mini snippets being behind a paywall - it 100% makes sense to me. You're not a big box retailer who has a diversified portfolio and are completely flush with capital where you can provide features like this for free - especially with not a lot of people playing in person right now.

For the people saying "Well they made $3M during their kickstarter!" - They did this to improve their product / R&D, pay their people and hire new people, retain staff, and to build out all the extra features that were unlocked. If people really are complaining they can still take a snippet / screen grab and easily design their own on other websites (and I'm sure that if your team really wanted to they could block this somehow).

All-in-all, I'm hoping you and your employees are doing well right now during COVID!