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How has Chris Froome's win at TdF -- technically the first Africa-born and Africa-raised rider to do so -- changed the outlook of talent scouts and also from aspiring riders?

Campagnolo or Shimano or SRAM?

Does Trek make good bikes?

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Thanks for the tip, Cat! With the olive oil is it then no longer necessary to do the high-temp front-loading? If I recall correctly Julia Child's recipe calls for 15 mins at 425 before reducing down to 350.

Thanks in advance.

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Mr. Rosenberg: the increase surge in cost of housing in Greater Boston Area -- both for renting and buying -- is of great concern to many residents. What is your opinion on this subject? Do you have a vision on how to address this issue?

Thanks in advance for your answer and for doing this AMA!

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It's really funny that you Dutchies mix up Chinese food and Indonesian food. I wonder if it's because of the many Chinese-Indonesians who left Oost-Indische and immigrated to the Netherlands at the middle 20th century. Does anybody know?

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Doesn't "Chinese food" in the Netherlands often really mean "Indonesian food"? Is there an explanation of which is which that a non-Nederlander can read?