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ItsTexter3 karma

Hey Don,

I LOVE The Resistance! We started a board game club on campus and we play both it and Ultimate Werewolf every meeting. We love social games and reading people. The Resistance is perfect and we love that there is no player elimination! That being said, I have two questions:

First--you designed the resistance to scale from 5 to 10 players. Why did you stop at 10, and what do you consider the "best" numbers to play with? My group has found we prefer an odd number of players; though big, 10 people games can be interesting as you tend to develop "sects" within the game moreso than others.

Second--with plot cards, were there any ideas you had for plot cards and threw out or didn't feel quite fit what you were looking for? If so, what were they?

Thanks so much for doing this AMA! I got super excited when I saw this.