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And only allotting 30 minutes to the AMA... Hell, an hour's AMA seems too short, let alone a 30 minute one.

Edit: I'm not blaming the mods for this. You all are just volunteers running the biggest outward facing subreddit. There is only so much you can do without being credentialed employees of reddit.

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Holy crap, that statistic at the bottom of the page. About 17 minutes to escape a fire 40 years ago. About 3 minutes to escape a fire now.

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You're replying to your own post instead of actually replying to the people asking the question. Which is making it pretty difficult for the rest of us to understand the question you are referring to.

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My normal dreams can get crazy vivid and elaborate. But my day to day self isn't that creative by a long shot.

Do you feel like you can still turn on that autopilot again after you've started lucid dreaming? Like say you build the scene you want to dream about, but then get to go back along for the ride like any other dream? Save for it now being the scenario you want.

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Pretty sure the Reddit detectives concluded that was from a different fire that happened a day before.