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What’s the thing you’re most looking forward to about becoming a parent? (I am so happy you are free to live your life!!!)

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My god I absolutely love you for the time you spent sharing that! Thank you for s great idea!!! She’s officially joined our family within the last 6 months (we were granted emergency custody of her and from where things stand, she will be with us for a long time; hopefully forever). This whole thing is pretty new to us, so your suggestions are like GOLD.

I truly can’t say thank you enough. We may modify your way a bit, but this little dinosaur obsessed wonder child may just be “winning prizes” for wearing her mask. (Her term). Wait... Why didn’t I think of making a dinosaur mask? She may never take off one that makes her look like a pterodactyl 😂

Look at you making my mind function a bit clearer! Thank you, dear stranger friend!

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Only speaking from my personal experience, but our 4 year old cannot and will not wear a mask (autism has been so so extra hard during this pandemic). I don’t know of medical reasons not to wear a mask. The rest of our family (3 kids) and we have been masking from day one, but we just can’t make the little one get why masks are needed. She’s terrified of them.

It’s definitely making us fearful for what will happen in her school and whether she’s going to be able to receive the therapies and structure that she needs and loves from school.

God, none of this is easy.

Anyone happen to have a similar experience? I’d love to hear suggestions

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That would be amazing; the whole situation leading up to getting our “Ptiny Pterodactyl” has been a bit....overwhelmingly sad and hard.

We are SO grateful to have her, and would love to hear your ideas!!

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I too have always wanted to see a Harpy Eagle; as a child I obsessively watched “The Last Unicorn”, and the Harpy in the film, although terrifying, stirred an intense fascination with all things bird.