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Yes. Lots of people have done it.

Build a fission reactor in your bedroom, and the government's going to get bitchy, but fusion reactors are fine.

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Ethereum is in fact forking to a QC-resistant version. The upcoming Metropolis release will allow users to choose their own signature algorithm, and there's already code for one of the post-quantum algorithms.

Proof of work is also vulnerable. QCs don't completely break hashes but Grover's algorithm could make them billions of times faster than classical miners. Ethereum is planning to transition to proof of stake over the next year or so.

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The atoms are moving very fast, but there are very few of them so it's not much actual heat.

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Unless the virtual currency has real-world value, as many of them do.

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What's your take on FriendlyAI? And how long do you think it'll take before we have self-improving AI?