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As a Software Engineer, the potential for aggressive optimisation algorithms and AI to have large unintended (or malicious) effects on the way people behave is greatly concerning and unethical. Ultimately, it is a business or campaign group that decides to implement and exploit these, either for money or political support, and it is not currently within their interest to stop, nor is it illegal.

Right now there is nothing we can do. It's a big question, but how do we solve this?

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Can you release your music please? It's awesome. I'm also a musician and songwriter if that helps this feel any more genuine to you.

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What is this AMA meant to offer? Hybrid apps have been around for over 10 years and this isn't a sub for hybrid app developers. Isn't this just an excuse to promote your game whilst pretending to be doing something new or special?

EDIT: Found this tutorial on how to make a Cordova game using Phaser, which is the same stack you've used.

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Hi there, I've been interested in this space recently.

It seems like you guys are focused on creating an IoT security industry around white/grey-hat hacking of devices to uncover vulnerabilities, but isn't a more important course of action to develop the standards and tools relevant to implement security correctly? The web was not safe until the standardisation of SSL and TLS, and implementations such as OpenSSL. I don't see how we can expect IoT to be safe, as it will inevitably run at a similar scale as the web, until a similar level of standardisation in device-to-device security is achieved, and SSL certificates don't really solve access control issues.

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Hell no it's not too late to start. Most people in software dev don't know what the hell they are doing, so if you feel lost, just remember that it's perfectly normal to feel that way. Imposter syndrome is very common because there's way too much information for anyone to actually memorise, and we do too good a job of making it look like we know what we're doing.

The fact that you were able to make something on your own immediately qualifies you to join the club. It will never be easy, but you don't need to worry because it isn't easy for anyone else either.

You'll want to try and make stuff that involves doing coding, since it'll get you used to reading code, which is probably the most valuable skill to learn, don't shy away from it or be scared by it, most people are pretty awful at it. Also, learn Git and how to find your way around a Linux terminal, you'll need it. Your knowledge doesn't need to be perfect, you just want to get used to the feeling.

As for college, from what I've seen It's still necessary if you want credibility and a more guaranteed start, especially if you can get into a really well known one, but it's not strictly necessary just to start your career. I went for the certificate and the experience, and I definitely learned a thing or two and met many interesting people, but ultimately it was coding in my own time that became the valuable skill. However, employers still require that I have the degree, even with several years of experience.

Just try it and don't be afraid of being lost. Everyone else is just as lost.