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We've heard from your fellow governors the lengths that they've taken to secretly procure PPE, going as far as getting the Patriots to send their private jet or having the National Guard protect the supplies. Do you have any similar stories when it comes to procuring these supplies for Colorado?

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In the recent oral arguments for Gill vs. Whitford, Court watchers speculated that the Court might adopt a gerrymandering standard along the lines of the First Amendment model that Justice Kennedy first advocated in Vieth vs. Jubelirer. Could you explain how the mechanics of a standard like that would work? Anti-gerrymandering proponents preferred a standard that expanded the 1P/1V doctrine. Why would that be more expansive?

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Since certain states such as Arizona and Louisiana lead the nation in private prison use, is the ACLU planning to target individual states to pressure state governments to reduce their use of private prisons?

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Is there anything from the Justice Department's decision that could cast light on whether this practice will change on the state and local level (where the vast majority of private prisons are used)? Are there federal funds to state corrections which could potentially be conditioned on easing out private prison use?

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Governor, as someone who has both executive and legal experience, what are some steps you believe that Congress and the President can take in a post-Citizens United world to address the effect of money in politics?