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Here is a trumpet joke for you: How many trumpet players does it take to change a light bulb?

five. One to actually change it, four to tell everyone how much higher, faster, and louder they could have done it.

I also play trumpet.

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Wouldn't you as a Republican be against forcing someone to use a specific product (VA healthcare in this case)? Doesn't that violate free market economics? I'm not attacking you, I'm curious what is different in this case.

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What do you believe are the key (say three) policy differences between you and the other republican candidates?

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There is really no way to take that into account. At least not ethically. To truly account for those factors, you'd have to take a group of people that do not use cannabis so you have a full baseline profile, then expose them enough and for long enough to induce the addiction. At that point, you could reliably say that symptoms are a result of withdrawal not underlying symptoms. I agree that it's fairly likely, as you state, that these symptoms were always present and being treated with the marijuana.

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or make the workers use the VA health system.

That is the part of the statement I was referring to. VHA for vets is certainly within the free market.