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My only experience was in south Miami Beach where there’s a large strip of properties that are strictly under Hasidic ownership. You have to walk/drive a half dozen blocks inland to find something that isn’t under this localized monopoly. All the shops charge the exact same thing for basic necessities - $35 for a tiny tube of sunscreen, $11 for a 20-oz water bottle, etc. What struck me was how rude the shop owners were - like seriously caught me off guard how the prices are so high and they act like it disgusts them that you’re in their store. If I understand charging a premium when you have ideal location but if you’re making that much at least treat the people shelling out so much cash like decent human beings.

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Laugh it up, fuzzball.

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My gf’s family is from the colonias on the Sonora side. I go down to Mexico with her pretty regularly. It’s weird that right now the eyes of the whole US are on the region because the immigration thing has become so political but none of the media outlets give an accurate perspective on what it’s really like here.

The biggest myth is that this situation just suddenly “happened”. There have been people camping out waiting on the immigration process around TJ, Mexicali, SLRC, Nogales etc for decades. This isn’t anything new. The process takes a long time and people have to wait somewhere. It’s just become much more political. The only thing that changed is more BO activity in the field, which means personnel shortages at the checkpoints and long ass lines to cross (I recently waited from 9 pm til 1 am on a weeknight just to go to a birthday party I didn’t want to be at). The majority of Mexican citizens that live near the border have visas and cross regularly, and legally, to work, shop, visit family or just sightsee. They really dislike the migrants because it makes crossing from one town to the next take so long - and they blame Trump for making it even longer.

Also there was a huge controversy recently because a bunch of old church ladies in Mexicali got together and cooked beans for the hungry migrant kids, and the Central Americans refused it as “poor people food”. You never say “no” when someone’s abuela cooks you frijoles. That’s a good way to piss off every Mexican in town. Anyway that kinda became a humorous rallying cry for anti-immigrant sentiments on the Mexican side. I’m disappointed we didn’t see this on any mainstream media here in the US.