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He offered to dub The Terminator's German release in his native tongue. They turned him down because his Austrian accent sounded too rural (think American Southern accent).

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The problem is that when you limit the rights of "Americans for Apple Pie and Puppies", you also limit the rights of the NAACP (also a corporation), the Sierra Club (corporation), workers unions, etc. Our right to assembly is the individual right to come together and collectively express, promote, pursue and defend common interests. Will some people use that right to attempt to unduly influence politics? Sure, but let them. The people pointing out the lists of corporate sponsors and crying foul are unaware that they have the lists of corporate sponsors. We know who these people are and what they are attempting to do. Corruption and tyranny happen in the dark. As long as the public knows who is trying to gain influence and why no matter how much money is poured into these groups they will fail, as was evidenced by the last election.

P.S. I disagree with you on this but keep up the good work!

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We Must Save The Planet...but we don't want to raise taxes.

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As you're doing all the parts/instruments yourself, which do you record first, and do you combine them as you go to play along with?