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Why don’t climate activists try to get their donors to invest in areas so deeply entrenched into things like coal?

Work on providing different economic opportunities to rural Americans rather than giving money to lawyers, who commonly run climate change groups.

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What’s your definition of extremism?

Did you investigate police officers that belong to black lives matter as well?

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I understand black lives matter. Did I say it was an extremist group? I’m trying to establish parameters that weren’t defined by the authors.

On the other hand, do you know the specific group that they refer to, white lives matter, is extremist? Can you tell just by the name?

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How do you render your films? Do your employers buy their own hardware or do you guys use some type of cloud based rendering?

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It’s one of them, that doesn’t mean it’s a good one.

People fight so hard to keep things like coal going because it’s their only economic opportunity.

Wouldn’t the correct long term solution be to change that situation and get better economic opportunities there for the community?

So that no one would have to lobby for them?