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There is a big movement about making Iraq liberal and most of the protesters agree with it, we want a country run by laws that are appropriate for the time, Iraq shouldn't be an Islamic country because it's too diverse to be

The oil is completely run by Iraqi corporations

The opium trade is corrupt, but so is every deal this Government did,they're stealing money from everywhere in the country

Most countries have been silent on our government currently, but others like Turkey and Iran have been in full support with this corruption because they have their hand up our asses and don't want to lose that, as for the U.S they obviously want the next prime minister to be their puppet as well to help them with the oil deals and have shown zero support of our revolution.

Life is not as bad after we managed to kick out ISIS, before that the country was not safe at all especially in 2007 when a civil, war was happening Before the U.S invasion it wasn't good either because Saddam was an ass president and a dictator

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The communist party has been long dead in Iraq and has no part in these demonstrations, the rumours about them having a role are false

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The protesters will take any help they can get tbh, we are really desperate to finally get rid of the government...hell some people here are willing to sell their souls to the devil if it helps get rid of the government and Iran

But it isn't that simple unfortunately, Iran and Turkey want this government to stay and the US interfering could lead to problems with these two more than they already have and I don't think America think we're worth the trouble although I could be wrong because our oil is really tempting

I hope we can change our country without help from the outside but it'll be really difficult to do so against Iran with our government Thank you for your kind words and for caring my friend

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Hi I didn't really understand what you meant by inequality but if you meant inequality between classes then yes there is a huge inequality of how people live here and the 1% basically holds all the money

Our main debt is to the World bank after a huge loan, unfortunately I'm not familiar with IMF so I can't be sure, we also have debts with various countries

Some people were influenced to participate by seeing the HK and Lebanon protests but we and myself included weren't that much influenced no, but I hope all the protesters around the world get what they deserve and have justice

Thank you so much for caring

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At the start of the revolution the internet was cut off completely, but they kept opening it every 48 hours to keep them from getting punished by the UN (the brought it back for like an hour and cut it off again) This lasted for about a week then it was brought back with a restriction on social media platforms (which we worked around with VPN) this restriction was taken off a few days ago The internet now is fully open like it always was tbh albeit with shit speed but that's how it is here