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Why do people with ADHD seem to have a harder time remembering things in the short term and is there a way around that?

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Wow okay great! I look forward to forgetting that I even asked this in the first place and getting pleasantly surprised by a response, as has already happened. :D

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Hi! I'm here from /r/Epilepsy. I'm an epileptic with focal, atypical absence, and myoclonic seizures. I was diagnosed in 2005 in the US and have been managing my condition in Denmark since 2010. Thanks for doing this, Grace! It's important to spread awareness about this condition.

Do you have any resources you can share about what to do when someone has a seizure? First aid and aftercare would be helpful to spread awareness.

Also it would be nice if we had some sort of card we can carry around in our wallet with that information.

I have a lot of people who are baffled by what to do when I'm having a seizure. I've had people try and give me water and wet towels, or call an ambulance to get me to a hospital when it's not necessary.

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As an epileptic: it’s usually a huge waste of everyone’s time to go to the hospital. Seizures are tiring so the best thing for me personally is to lay down in bed. I usually get chills so I want my hot water bottle and all the blankets in the house to warm up. I’ll sleep for a couple of hours and be just fine, if a little hungry. I don’t need a hospital for any of that.

My epilepsy is well managed, and I get a seizure once every 2-3 months. My last seizure was in August of 2017, so I’m doing pretty well. But I could still get one if I don’t get enough sleep or skip a dose or see a strobe. I keep myself to a 2 drink maximum (approved by my Neuro) and even that’s maybe once a month for birthday parties and special occasions. It’s my responsibility as a patient to be aware of my triggers and I don’t need a trip to the emergency room if I forget a dose.

If we’re okay enough to refuse the ambulance ride, we’re probably aware of why we had a seizure.

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Oh yeah people will accuse me all the time of faking a seizure for attention. Like, there are better ways to get attention than sitting still and not making noise.