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I remember watching some of your movies when I was a teenager.

After taking some economics classes, there's a question I've wanted to ask you.

Why should the people of Michigan be upset that the businesses that made sense in their region 60-90 years ago, but that don't make sense in their region anymore are leaving for other regions, instead of being upset that new businesses better suited for their economic, demographic and geographic reality aren't coming in/getting started up to replace them? It seems so counter intuitive to me to try to keep things from changing with changing circumstances.

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Do you fix Apache helicopters, or are you a more general purpose mechanic of Apache descent?

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How does one get into that business? Do you need connections to the studios? Or do you just send in scripts hoping to get picked up?

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But like, didn't you need those years to know what sort of experience was worth soaking up and what wasn't?

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So, would you say that this tribe had a rich diet?