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:) pun intended? I am very boring at parties because universal healthcare, the fight for utopia and human rights are the things I want to talk about.
I usually introduce myself as Ioannis, I like poetry and the colour green.

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I do not know. If they have they did not let me know. Regret is not exclusive to gender affirming surgery and there are interesting statistics about regret in a range of procedures. The risk of regret in gender affirming care is generally low.

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Top surgery is an umbrella term for gender affirming care in the chest area. For transmasculine it involves mastectomies and chest wall reconstruction; for transfeminine it involves breast augmentation +/- mastopexies (uplift).

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What a great question! I would like any doctor (and anaesthesiologists) to know about trans healthcare. The benefits of gender affirming surgery (GAS) and the beauty of the communities we serve. These operations aim to end suffering, to help people live their true lives. Apart from that it is an operation and small steps like pain control and antiemetics can go a long way. Some familiarity with the patients pronouns would be helpful too :)

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I am happy the operation had a positive impact in your life. I have been a consultant breast surgeon since 2011 and I have been committed exclusively to gender affirming care since 2017. Thank you