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Let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn't know how to use chopsticks. He knows EXACTLY how to use chopsticks.

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My Australian in a hostel experience: A bunch of people from the hostel went out on the town Saturday night, including a 20 year old Australian. This was in Iceland, in November, very cold. He had never seen snow before. We lose track of him around 2am, and I'm thinking "He must have found someone, good for him!" Find out the next day, he got blackout drunk, doesn't remember leaving the bar, fell asleep on a snowbank, wakes up with frostbite burns all over his body.

Why was he in Iceland? He wanted to walk around the entire coast. It's okay though, he had a little tent, and a little sleeping bag, and 10kg of oats. I added him on Facebook to see how long before he dies, but I think he abandoned his effort, judging by his posts.

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Shoe.... Shoe on head...

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No, he gets to finish his swiping. You gotta say it 3 times for it to have any effect bro.