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IntrepidVector20 karma

Why is the Devil in your comics so obsessed with the mundane?

Can characters besides T-Rex hear God?

How can I become as rad as T-Rex?

How do explain the breathtaking amount of anachronisms involved in the dinosaurs talking about the things they talk about? I think you mentioned it once.

IntrepidVector20 karma

Oh wow. I'm really annoyed by that.

IntrepidVector18 karma

I swear it exists. Hm. Gimme a minute. I could easily be thinking of something else. It had T-Rex talking about Ant-Man.

On second thought, I may be thinking of the creator of Dr. McNinja...

Edit: It was totally Dr. McNinja's writer and artist.

IntrepidVector14 karma

How well do you know David Malki !? I know he did a guest comic for you. He actually had a drawn version of the template for the point of view of a dude in the log cabin. It was neat.

IntrepidVector9 karma

Yes it is. Their latest storyline was very interesting.

Trivia: I am a member of a forum that has a word replacement to change every instance of the word 'drugs' to 'rad-killing unicorn motorcycles'. A discussion on legalizing marijuana became very interesting because of that.

Edit: Also, I like that guest comic because it seems like something you would right, but with an art upgrade. Did you help them with the writing style? That last 'To spite you.' is great.