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If you were able to escape and move to a Western country, would you still vote for Socialist politicians and policies?

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The point is the only way to enact "real socialism" is via dictatorial force. You can reach this conclusion via thought experiment or a review of history.

The very basis of Socialism is compliance through force, which is why I not only think it is a dumb way to run a society, it is also evil.

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How can you understand the tenants of economics but also support Socialism?

How can you be a professor if you don't have even a rudimentary understanding of why humans do something instead of nothing? As is evidenced by your beliefs.

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You would be surprised.

Many people in the US move from one state to another because of state policies they disagree with, then they vote for the same damn policies they were escaping in the new state.

It's like a scorched earth political movement.