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Thank you.
I’ve only become familiar (a bit) with politics since mid-2016. (Gee wonder why)

I know nothing about the UBI. I am going to have to research that. Seems like an issue that should have more discussion on both sides.

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Thanks for your response!!!! Thought I’m not too thrilled about the McConnell amendment.

Find some random bill to hide an amendment on, will ya?

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Comment, then a question, please:


Get McConnell out of there and the world (almost quite literally) will owe you.


(Apologies if you answered any of these already. Quarantined kids running around, and these tend to move fast.)

  • Please write your name phonetically for me, if you do not mind.
  • What are the main issues in your stump speech? (And/or please expand on your “Universal Basic Income” concept.
  • Would Trump be able to appoint McConnell to anything with power if he was ousted from the Senate?
  • Who do you think (or who is in line to) would take his place as Majority Leader if he was out?