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Your guess is wrong. Maybe let the person that is giving the AMA answer the questions asked to them?

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So I could break into his house and hang a photoshopped picture of us together and use that the next day as proof that he knows me?

Especially if I call him first and he hears my voice and accent the day before?

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It's almost like OP isn't an English as a primary language speaker...

And still his English is far better than most Americans

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That's the "pre insurance bill that will get sent to insurance".

That's not the cash value of the bill and not what an uninsured person would pay. No where near jt

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You trying to speak for people with autism as you have some kind of insight into it. You trying to shame someone for saying they would terminate a pregnancy to prevent the kid from struggling in life.

Basically you being a fucking cunt but you got put in your place by an autistic person. Serves you right. Don't use other people's disorders as a fucking "gotcha" statement.